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Buying What's Available

Online store has less than half of what I have in the actual inventory.  My works are stored in a temperature controlled storage unit, and they are all available unless they are being used for shows. Over the years I am finding it impossible to keep my online inventory list current, thus you are not able to see all of what's actually available. So, here is what I have been doing. If you could browse through the photo gallery, linked as  photos, in this website and can narrow down what sort of work and dimensions you may be interested in, and also, if you have a budget you are considering, I narrow down the search with the set of information you are going to give me.  I will gather the images of available pieces as well as prices and email that to you. I do have a lot more than what the online store lists. 


Get Your Very Own - Custom Order

For those who need the exact fit, custom order (commission) is recommended just so the paintings will fit perfectly to wherever you are installing the art. LineScaping Art can be made in specific sizes, compositions, and colors.  Each piece is unique as the exact same wave pattern cannot be recreated since it's hand painted.

Browse through the sea of LineScaping photos and see what speaks to you. Also, if you already know which wall you are considering of installing the art, let me know of your plan, in terms of which styles you are interested as well as the dimensions of the walls. Emailing me photos of the space is very helpful, as I can make rendering with PhotoShop. Also, telling me how much of funding you have in mind is very helpful. 

Let me know of your plan, and we can start discussing your next product, in terms of a general quote and time frame.  This planning phase can be brief if you already know exactly what you want by the time you contact me, while it can take as long as many months to think through it by communicating. 

Once we reach the agreement in terms of what to be made, a non-refundable fee,  The 50% of the entire project price will be collected in order to initiate the project.  Photos of the completed painting will be emailed to you for your review, and the rest of 50% of the price will be collected for the painting to be shipped.

Typically there are a lot of communication takes place via email. I also go to your home or office if you are not too far from Sunnyvale, California USA, to discuss the project.  


Studio Visit or House Call

Studio visit is by appointment only.  I am located in Sunnyvale, California, USA. If you are in the Bay Area, LineScaping art are shown only in the Bay Area of Northern California. If you would like to find me in events, my upcoming events are listed in my calendar.

House call, for both assessing custom order and try the art on your wall, is available in the surrounding area of Sunnyvale. I will need to narrow down the list of art according to your interest so I know which pieces I am going to bring to your home or office. Nothing is better than "trying it on" to see if what works for your taste and interior. 



Art works can be shipped domestically, and international shipping is available upon request.  US Postal Service or FedEX Ground Shipping are used depending on the size and location to which the art is being shipped.